Are You Surrounded By Genius? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 115

This week’s reflection point: I just returned from the amazing Million Dollar Consulting convention in Atlanta where I was privileged to learn from the many great minds there as well as provide my presentation to the group. I was surrounded by some of the top minds in the world as I realized that the constant evolution of my wisdom is due to the brilliant minds around me. Some are alive and many are available to me in my extensive library.

Let me share some of the highlights of last week’s learning to prove a point:

  • In your areas of expertise, what are the brightest and best in the field doing on a consistent basis?
  • Per Dr. Martin Seligman, Twitter is predicting heart attacks better than other scientific tools as tweets are posted immediately and analyzed in real time.
  • Word clouds are the new trends and models for analysis rather than surveys.
  • One of the most profound ways to increase your happiness is to write down three positive things about your day each night and why.
  • Dr. Seligman also explained PERMA, which is about focusing on your strengths, and what you are good at. It stands for:
    • Positive (Hunt for the good stuff)
    • Engagement (Optimism & optimal performance)
    • Relationships
    • Meaning (Belonging to and serving something bigger than self)
    • Accomplishment (Grit)
  • Resilience is twice as important as talent or IQ.
  • Ask your clients for the 2 – 3 words that are associated to describe your brand.
  • Get to do what others don’t or what others are not willing to do.
  • Your past clients and past connections are a goldmine.
  • When you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get there.

The people you surround yourself with and the books you read are a reflection of who you are.

Who are the geniuses around you?

This week’s tip: Study the genius around you and implement one idea this week.

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