Million Dollar Web Presence Action Plan Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 123

This week’s reflection point: Here is a pragmatic action plan to help you generate million dollars of additional revenues:

  1. Publish pithy and provocative content in various formats such as: blog posts, newsletters, articles, podcasts and videos. Include powerful examples, proofs and calls to action.
  2. Use my targeted value concept where you choose several prospects and clients, provide them with genuine value and suggest a meeting.
  3. Connect with buyers online and offline and engage in genuine conversations. Lead the conversation with your insights, best practices, and irresistible value.
  4. Create attractive products and services that range from the economical to the high-end lucrative. These could be ebooks, audio books, books, subscription services, retreats, mastermind groups and retainers.
  5. Send hand-written thank you notes.
  6. Grow your distribution list assertively.
  7. Send out personalized value such as books or recordings.
  8. Book speaking engagements where you present your high value to your target audience.
  9. Consistently improve your world-class web presence.
  10. Send out email invitations for special developmental experiences you provide both online and offline and promote everywhere.
  11. Reach out to journalists and editors to get yourself quoted in the media and your content published. My friend and colleague Dan Janal, has a great service to help you further.
  12. Interview and have conversations with great thinkers. Also, get interviewed and publish on your site and theirs.
  13. Conduct webinars and tele-seminars both for free and for a fee and collaborate with others.
  14. Solicit testimonials and referrals and develop case studies. When your clients agree to include their testimonials with the case studies, now that’s success!
  15. Productize and monetize.

I encourage you to execute the majority of the items above weekly.

This week’s tip: Meet one potential buyer a week and in one year you’ve met with 52 of them. If 10% of them become clients at an average fee service of $25,000, that becomes $125,000 annually. Meet more buyers weekly, increase your fees and conversion rate, create and offer more products and services, and I assure you that you will be amazed with the remarkable results.


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