Growth Ideas From London Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 88

Raising the Barr is a weekly memo, which is always pithy, powerful and succinct. It focuses on innovative ideas by maximizing your life and business while leveraging strategy, content, technology and the web, to help you transform the success.

This week’s reflection point: Every several months I get together with my global growth circle (mastermind group on steroids), facilitated by Alan Weiss, to discuss our businesses and identify growth areas for our clients and for us. I last reported 30 Growth Success Ideas back in February of this year when we all met in Miami, Florida. We are here this week in London, England, discussing innovation and global growth and have just concluded our first remarkable day of an amazing meeting. Here are some of my key take-aways from today’s meeting:

  • Growth would eventually lead to complacency and despair unless new growth occurs.
  • Focus more on being innovative than opportunistic.
  • Identify our consistent compelling message.
  • Short-term revenue growth should be part of our ongoing strategy and not be used as a panic tactic.
  • Clients are impatient and want to see instant execution of their strategy and not wait years for it.
  • Our ideal client changes and evolves over the years.
  • We are all lone wolves and need a great support system to make our best decisions.
  • Money and relationship problems are the key issues crippling most entrepreneurs.
  • Are we using less labor intensity to get more results?
  • To be innovative we need to clear our schedules and have time to think and create.
  • Deliver our provocative message consistently. For example: Why do we have social media platforms and not business media platforms? Another example: There are three ways to achieve success on the web and I know that two of them you are not leveraging right now.
  • Market and showcase our advisory web strategic services and demonstrate evidences of success through testimonials.
  • Identify the average growth of our clients vs. the domestic or global growth of the industry. Talk about why our clients have surpassed others.
  • Introduce new level for thinking to our clients and large organizations. For example: organizations need multi-channel strategy and the web is a critical aspect of it.
  • Ideas to increase the business: Hosted events, referrals, showcase our clients’ success, collaborate with strategic individuals, enable access to restricted intellectual property.
  • Our greatest referrals are unsolicited. They arrive because of great work, strong brand and powerful relationships. Solicited referrals are also critical and should be scheduled often.
  • While travelling domestically and especially internationally, seize the opportunity to meet and present to future buyers.
  • Contact readers or our newsletters and solicit ideas for future articles and topics.
  • Stay in constant touch with our clients.
  • Have our clients write articles and case studies that would help our target audience, which would then get published on our blog and newsletter.
  • There are two primary things that lead our audiences to us. First is marketing, which creates the need and sales, which provides options. Second is our strong brand.
  • We will further focus on the strategic digital space, showing our clients the way to greater success.
  • Keep telling our stories while identifying and codifying the concepts we talk about.

The Global Growth at the fabulous Scott’s in London, prior to our two day meeting: Guido Quelle (Germany), Chad Barr (US), Phil Symchych (Canada), Alan Weiss (US), Stephen Gaffney (US), and Suzanne Bates (US). Bart Sayle (UK) was out on a business call and missed our great dinner.

Stay tuned for more and for my recap of day two, which I will send through my newsletter and also post on my blog next week.

This week’s tip: Whom are you surrounding yourself with to constantly challenge your thinking and innovate?


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