30 Growth Success Ideas

I have just concluded two extensive brainstorming days in Miami with my global growth circle mastermind group. During our meeting, I asked the group to share their top success ideas and here is what we’ve come up with:

  1. Find opportunities to work on your business rather than in your business. Change your mindset from a business operator to a business owner.
  2. Delegate all that’s possible with clear outcomes and consequences.
  3. Constantly create new products and services for your clients.
  4. Bring in other rainmakers.
  5. Stop using others’ intellectual property (IP) and keep developing your own unique IP.
  6. Use your common sense and make things simple.
  7. Abandon things you are not passionate about.
  8. Reduce your labor intensity.
  9. Create a weekly sabbatical.
  10. Work with larger clients and remove or delegate what you loath doing.
  11. Reduce and eliminate distractions.
  12. If your business model allows, eliminate the need for employees.
  13. Provide high value with the highest possible speed.
  14. Develop new brands and test them quickly.
  15. Focus on marketing activities and writing new books.
  16. Pursue more business and get more assertive about it.
  17. Ask for referrals. Get more meetings with buyers each week. Improve your selling skills and planned serendipity.
  18. Invest in your team and raise the bar continually.
  19. Increase and repurpose your IP creation and its evolution.
  20. Seek strategic speaking opportunities.
  21. Make sure you focus on your sweet spot and the tip of the arrow of your value proposition and avoid derailments.
  22. It’s easier to accelerate a car already moving in high gear.
  23. There are a lot of people out there that need and seek your value.
  24. Develop and test new offerings.
  25. Offer opportunities for people to get involved with you easily and economically. (Left side of the accelerant curve).
  26. Keep inventing and provide very high-end, lucrative and sophisticated offerings. (Right side of the accelerant curve).
  27. Push your own envelope and improve what it is that you do.
  28. Create communities by bringing people together that wouldn’t otherwise.
  29. Enrich your life and your environment.
  30. Greatly appreciate where you are.

Thank you Dr. Alan Weiss for making these growth opportunities possible and for facilitating this great experience. Thank you Dr. Guido Quelle, Phil Symchych, Dr. Bart Sayle, Dr. Steven Bleistein and Suzanne Bates for challenging and improving me.

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