Driving Traffic To Your Site Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 126

This week’s reflection point: The most common question I am asked is how to drive traffic to one’s site. Several years ago, while writing my book Million Dollar Web Presence, I discussed this concept, which was also featured in my article Where does site traffic come from?

Here is my latest recap:

  1. Use your signature and incorporate links to your sites. These links should be to your home page, your blog, and interesting landing pages. These pages should contain offerings and credibility building pages such as case studies and testimonials. Include this signature in your email or wherever your profile is mentioned both online and offline.
  2. Create an opt-in page that offer value to your visitors such as a free eBook, podcasts or several videos in return for their name and email address. Mention this page everywhere you can.
  3. Become a guest contributor on others’ blogs and columns and incorporate the important links in your byline and embed them seamlessly in your content.
  4. Refer to your site links in the content you create. Whether text, audio or video, make sure to always refer the visitor to more of your links of value.
  5. Share your links on the various social media platforms.
  6. Participate in various social media groups and references your links.
  7. Repurpose older content you have created while including the current and past links of interest.
  8. Incorporate search engine optimization concepts to drive traffic to you.
  9. Use paid advertising such as Google or Facebook and others to drive traffic to various pages.
  10. Provide others with your testimonials and reference your company and web address.
  11. Collaborate with others by developing content, which will then expose their followers to you and your site.
  12. Get interviewed by others, which will then get announced by them with the focus on you.
  13. Send out newsletters and include links to additional resources on your site.
  14. Submit your content to program directors of trade associations who are looking for content to publish and the reference to you.
  15. Help journalists write their articles by quoting you and driving valuable traffic to you.
  16. Interview and have conversations with interesting thinkers, which will be featured on their site and drive traffic to you.

I intend to update this post in the future with more such ideas so you may want to bookmark the link to this post.

Traffic to your website

This week’s tip: Start by defining effective ways of driving traffic to your site while increasing your global reach. Yet, once they get there, you need to have a plan as to what to do with them and how to keep them engaged. Stay tuned.


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