Developmental Experiences Redux Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 119

This week’s reflection point: I am here in Washington, D.C. this week, attending several developmental experiences events with Alan Weiss, other global colleagues and several clients of mine. Here are some of my key learning points:

  • To suggest a proposal as the next step, simply say: “It sounds to me that the next logical step is for me to put together a proposal.”
  • Use powerful openings when starting your conversations with prospective clients. Such as: “The Wall Street Journal featured globalization as one of their key topics today. I am curious as to how is globalization impacting your business?”
  • Even powerful people have blind spots and are in need of help.
  • Don’t fight resistance with resistance.
  • Learn to effectively pivot the conversation in your areas of expertise.
  • Provoke and create interest by suggesting to your clients that: “The best and most successful organizations grow because of 3 primary reasons.”

Why People Don’t Move.


  1. Listen to the wrong people
  2. Create complexity rather than simplicity
  3. Seek perfection
  4. Fear critique
  5. Won’t spend time and money
  6. Think more information is needed
  7. Think deliberation reveals expertise
  8. Don’t allow vulnerability
  9. Don’t play well with others

Reducing Your Labor Intensity:

  1. End perfection
  2. Stop doing non-feedback items
  3. Delegate
  4. Subcontract
  5. Break habits
  6. Cut conversations short
  7. Tell them what they need to know not all that you know
  8. Call don’t write
  9. Combine pleasure and business
  10. Evaluate and drop energy suckers
  11. Promote your best interests
  12. Learn to say no without justification

This week’s tip: Schedule your next developmental experience event. That’s how we grow and improve ourselves and our clients.

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