Attributes of My Best Clients Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 31

This week’s reflection point: A common question I am often asked is what are the attributes of my best and most successful clients? In no particular order, here is what they do. They:

  • Are clear on the value they provide and can easily articulate it.
  • Focus their energy on creating consistent and high offerings of value to impact their clients.
  • Reinvent themselves and their business by offering new and innovative products and services.
  • Invest their time improving and learning while immediately applying what they have learned.
  • Surround themselves with other successful and trusted individuals who stimulate their thinking and are not afraid to challenge them and push back when necessary.
  • Have a clear strategy that is organic and well executed.
  • Lead by example and display the utmost discipline to execute.
  • Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm about what it is that they do and their contribution to their clients.
  • Are charismatic, fun and interesting to be around.
  • Leverage effective elements of marketing in their business.
  • Are holistically balanced.

This week’s tip: Review and reflect on your best attributes with the highest impact. Are there gaps? Where can you improve?

This week’s bonus:Tips on learning from your competition.

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