Place Your Products in Their Hands

My wife just got the recent Macy’s fragrance products catalog, which was sitting on our kitchen counter when I walked in. At first, I was drawn to the vibrant and attractive colors of the magazine but then something else caught my attention. It was the subtle “did you know?” questions placed throughout the pages and followed by creative answers. What I found intriguing was the fact that the answers “placed” the products in the buyer’s hands and suggested a good “use” of that product.

  1. How do you communicate your existing and new products and services to your clients?
  2. Do your buyers understand how to leverage your capabilities?
  3. Do you suggest creative, effective and results-generating uses of your products and services?

Here are some of the catalog images demonstrating my points as well as the last image displaying the incorporation of the social media integration. Nice job Macy’s!

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