Old Spammer in Town – Et tu, Jim Cramer?

A while back I wanted to check out the newsletter of Jim Cramer of TheStreet.com and the Mad Money TV show on CNBC. Big mistake! I can’t get off his newsletter. I have attempted to unsubscribe by opting-out numerous times as I also emailed his organization directly but no response and to no avail. You must be asking by now: “Chad, why are you not setting up a filter to remove his email into the trash folder?” Well … I did! But this is not the point. I should not be expected to do so from what appears to be a credible individual and company. Yet, after doing a quick search on the net I found out that Jim apparently has been getting quite a few complaints about this practice.

Although I realize that I may be generating free publicity for his organization, my hope is that my readership takes notice and also recognizes the following Lessons:

  1. Make it easy for your audience to subscribe (opt-in) and immediately honor their unsubscribe (Opt-out) requests.
  2. Test your various aspects of technology.
  3. Make it easy for your audience to contact you.
  4. Quickly respond to contacts emails.
  5. Don’t take success for granted.

Below is a snapshot I captured to illustrate my point:

(Click on image to enlarge)

0 thoughts on “Old Spammer in Town – Et tu, Jim Cramer?

  1. Chad–It amazes me that people who should know better engage in this kind of behavior.

    I’m having the worst trouble getting off the mailing list of a technology publisher whose offerings include publications on how to maintain network security and discourage hackers. Of all people who you’d think would understand this!

  2. The worst is when they send the e-mail with no reply in the return address box. You can’t unsubscribe, because it just bounced back.

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