Open With a Bang Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 77


IMG_2715AThis week’s reflection point: When creating your content, how powerful and attention grabbing are your openings and do they entice your audience to want to read further?

I am a huge fan in drawing your audience attention and doing so quickly in the first few seconds. Here are some of my favorite openings:

  • I am often asked what are the biggest challenges my clients face. Let me share the top three with you right now.
  • 42% of businesses struggle to sustain their market share. Here are the top seven mistakes they make.
  • A CEO I am coaching just shared with me that she is looking for another position.
  • It was Monday morning at 10AM when Bob stormed into my office yelling that he just closed a 7-figure piece of business. However…
  • Ever wonder what top thought leaders do that others don’t?
  • I was talking with a coaching client of mine when she said…
  • Did you know that…
  • Imagine a future when…

Powerful openings will engage your audience and entice them to dive into your content. Stay tuned to next week’s newsletter when I will share with you some of my favorite closings.

This week’s tip: Start implementing powerful openings in your content and watch its effectiveness and reach soar.

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