Close With a Bang Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 78


IMG_2972This week’s reflection point: Last week I discussed the importance of powerful openings to draw audience attention to your content and I provided several examples. Today, I am going to discuss the importance of powerful closings.

I see the closing as the way to:

  • Summarize the essence of your piece while connecting to the opening in a rousing and memorable way.
  • Provoke your audience to think differently.
  • Mobilize them to take action.

Here are some examples of closings with flair:

  • As a leader in your organization, what are you doing to implement the points above so you are not just surviving, but actually thriving?
  • There you have it. Go take action, and I guarantee you will see your team soar beyond your expectations.
  • Some of my best clients relationships have started with a simple conversation. Would love to hear from you. Give me a call and let’s talk.
  • So, how will you make sure that your organization is not left behind?
  • Following these 7 steps will guarantee that your executive teams are cohesively working together to execute your strategy.

What closings are you using to make your content more effective and impactful on your audience?

This week’s tip: The more inquiries and feedback you receive from your audience, the more effective are your content and closing styles.

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