Nurture and Grow Your Audience (Database)

You’ve built a great looking web site (well, let’s start with that assumption) and announced it to the world. Yet, several months later you are starting to get desperate as the phones are not ringing, no emails inquiries are coming in and no products are being ordered from your site.

You are probably wondering what went wrong and what are the most effective ways of changing this. Well, here are some points to consider before you pull the trigger:

  • There is no one silver bullet approach to creating success on the web.
  • Engage in as many effective marketing activities that allow you to connect with your clients. Such as: creation and participation of various web sites, blogs, press-releases, online forums, newsletters, social media activities, Radio, TV and podcast interviews, teleseminars, workshops, speaking and more.
  • Strengthen your brand and credibility and become an object of interest.
  • Nurture and grow your audience and your databases. From results reported by many of my clients, one of the most effective marketing techniques is to consistently send emails containing valuable offers and incentive to their database. This means that in addition to your content driven newsletters you need to also send announcements of your products and services. This is often overlooked by many.

What have you found to be effective?

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