Any Products Available On Your Site?

It is quite obvious that one of the keys to the business success of many, is their ability to offer valuable products on their web sites. When I demonstrate, review and discuss this with my clients it is quite common to hear them share with me their aspiration to create such products to promote on their own web sites. The unfortunate thing is that such aspiration is often associated with an immense sense of frustration and the rudimentary challenge of how to make this a reality. The other obstacle is how to get their knowledge and ideas out of their head and into a completed product such as a booklet, book, CD, DVD workshop, Teleseminar and more.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Interview other thought leaders, record the conversation and create an audio file that is available as an MP3 download off your site or a CD.
  2. Have others interview you or even video tape the conversation and make it available as an audio or video file.
  3. If the objective is to increase your audience by providing free value, interface your audio recordings with iTunes and your videos with YouTube and such services. Also make your transcript available as an eBook in a PDF download.
  4. Hire a content writer that will help you get your great ideas unto paper or digital files.
  5. Assemble some of your best articles into a powerful collection and create a new eBook that is also available as a hard copy.
  6. Create a weekly podcast series.
  7. Create a monthly video series.
  8. Invite your audience for three free teleseminars, deliver outstanding value and announce your new monthly teleseminar series.
  9. Get together with your Internet company and layout the strategy and tactics to implement and promote these products successfully.
  10. Chart your way to success – Determine one of your desired products, pull out your calendar, write down the date it will be completed and available, determine all the steps necessary to accomplish this and schedule them accordingly. Now repeat for the next product.

Unless you have already mastered the creation of such products and are doing so effectively, consistently and profitably, the key is your discipline and creating a powerful support system to help you get there. To become successful at creating products, you may need to select an accountability partner, a mentor, an Internet and a business strategist, a content writer or someone who has done so successfully and learn from them.

Since it is that time of year when making resolutions is popular yet only few follow through with, why not take a moment, determine a product your customers need that you are passionate about and have the knowledge and expertise. Then, pull out your calendar and take your first step by taking action now. You’ll be glad you did. I promise.

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