Minimal Risk and Maximum Gain Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 452

It was April, 2019, when I first stepped onto the pickleball court and it was love at first swing. I quickly learned the etiquette and rules and to never, ever, refer to it as a racquet. It is a paddle, they barked, a racquet has strings! I completely fell in love with the game and have devoted much time and focus to enjoy it while working with great players to improve my skills and elevate my game. I met interesting people, developed new friendships, and improved my overall fitness though there were a few tumbles and falls along the way.

I play a lot in the early morning, which I find to be a great start to my day before facing my day-to-day opportunities and challenges.

Last year, I started to develop extreme pain in my heel. Although I was able to tolerate the pain for the first 90 minutes of playing, and then it became debilitating, and I would hobble off the court to my car. I needed help and eventually planter fasciitis, a common condition for athletes and runners, was the orthopedic surgeon’s diagnosis. I was elated; my first sport’s injury, ever. I could finally call myself an athlete!

This past April, I received the TenJet procedure on my foot which was to sideline me for 12-16 weeks. Being the over achiever that I am, I worked hard and got back to the courts in only 9 weeks. I am glad to report that the procedure was a complete success, the foot pain is gone, allowing me to enjoy the game, hopefully for many pain free years to come.

So why am I sharing this story with you?

I had the option of keeping things as they were, receive the newer TenJet procedure or choose surgery. I chose the option that I believe presented me the highest level of success potential outcome, with the least amount of risk.

Similarly, we often run into situations or challenges in our business that have the potential of crippling or destroying our business. The question then becomes, what actions must we take to achieve the highest success with minimal risk.

What actions are you taking to minimize potential risk while significantly increasing achievable outcome in your business?

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