A Rose Among the Thorns Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 453

The weather has turned cooler, the tinged leaves are starting to float carelessly to the ground, which is delighting our puppy as she runs like mad trying to chase each one. Somehow, I wasn’t ready for the abrupt change though I know it happens this way each September, whether I’m ready or not.

This past Sunday, I drove with Laurel to central Ohio where she was officiating her last wedding of the summer season. It was an extremely warm day; hot and humid, as we embarked on the one hour and 48-minute journey to The Grand Barn at the Mohicans in Glenmont, OH. Turning off I-71, the rural countryside stretched all around us for as far as we could see.

The expanse of now brown corn fields, soaring silos and rustic barns, lush trees with their red tipped leaves were on display from the winding roads. The rocky surfaces and poorly paved lanes were kicking dust up many feet in the air from behind our car as we wound around to our destination.

Bumping and twisting through these little dilapidated towns had me wondering what kind of wedding venue would a couple from Seattle possibly have found that would bring their guests driving for hours to celebrate with them?

And then we saw the sign. Ran and Leah’s wedding, the arrow directing us up yet another winding, hilly trail wide enough for just one lane of traffic. And at the last turn we saw the oasis. A beautiful park like setting, the stone patio with chuppah, (wedding canopy), nestled in the woods, fire pits, and the Grand Barn, standing out among the trees, sparkling with twinkling lights everywhere, surrounded by perfect round treehouses dotting the forested area for guests to spend the night. All those dirt roads, neglected looking towns and here, this gem, tucked away and discovered like the prize at the bottom of the cracker jack box.

Beauty and goodness are all around – we just need to pay better attention. Sometimes it just takes a bit of sifting through, pulling back the chaff from the wheat, or the husks from the corn, to find the little pockets of pure gold. 

The same holds true in business as in life. The prize is there if only we are willing to work through the challenges, difficulties and travel the bumpy, unpaved road to find it.

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