Keeping Sharp, Transforming Your Skills Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 438

When I chat with new prospective clients who want to strengthen their thought leadership through their web presence, I employ a simple test to measure their confidence and expertise by asking, “what is the greatest challenge your clients face and what are 3 recommendations you offer to resolve this challenge?” 

I am surprised when some, who claim to run a very successful business, are unable to articulate the answer quickly and powerfully to my question. Rather, they say, “I need to think about this” or “I am not quite sure” or “this is not a good time for me.”

The quicker one can answer this question and do so in a way that makes me say, “wow, this is profound” or “I never thought about it this way,” the more it tells me that this individual is likely an expert in his or her field and the creation of powerful content will be quite easy for them, which is critical for strengthening their thought leadership.

Whether I’m walking, relaxing, or thinking of new content to create, one of my most favorite activities is reflecting on some of the questions asked by clients or interesting topics I have noticed in various publications. I then pick out one of these questions or topics and challenge myself to quickly formulate my answer.

I believe this is not only a fun activity that sharpens my mind, but it better prepares me for future questions from clients or helps shapes my responses when being interviewed.

Identify the struggles your clients are facing and challenge yourself to frame the answers and solutions to them. The more you practice this, the better prepared you will be. Each answer may then become the topic for your next newsletter just as it was for today’s newsletter from me.

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