Is it time for retirement? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 391

A while back, I watched a presentation by Jim Collins, author of the book, Good to Great, during the time he was heading the Peter Drucker Institute. He shared a story that many may not know.

Peter Drucker, who was one of the most remarkable thinkers, lived to the age of 95 and wrote during his lifetime, 40 brilliant books, most of which I have in my own library. Only 1/3 of Drucker’s books were written and published before the age of 65. In other words, the other 2/3 of his writing was written and published after the age of 65!

WOW! I love this story and admire Drucker’s mindset, his bold definition of retirement, and his devotion to his art, which I hope to follow in my own way.

Personally, I cannot imagine retiring but here are some of the things I can imagine in my version of retirement:

  • Reinventing myself and my business multiple times in the years to come
  • Improving and creating more impact to help my clients reach their greatest and highest potential
  • Pursuing my other passions and developing new ones
  • Spending more time with my grandkids and my family
  • Listening, playing and recording music
  • Creating exciting adventures to further advance my love of photography
  • Playing lots of pickleball, improving my fitness and participating in more tournaments
  • And other things yet to be discovered

I pledge to be more like Peter Drucker and redefine my vision of retirement. I am curious how you are planning on spending your golden years. I look forward to hearing from you.

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