Identify Your Business Growth Potential

Have you identified your highest business potential? Take a look at the next visual:

Primary Growth Potential: This exists when your new offerings, which manifest themselves through innovation of new products and services are effectively marketed to your existing customers.

Since you have already established trusting relationships with your existing customers. They hopefully were able to achieve the planned goals, outcomes and rewards of working with you. They would then welcome your new offerings and recognize its potential. Marketing to this group should be easy and why I suggest it becomes your “Primary” growth potential.

Secondary Growth Potential: This exists when your new and existing offerings are effectively marketed to your new and previous customers. It is more challenging to market to this group since they either have no experience of working with you or did not have a prior positive experience. I would then recommend leading with existing offerings since you should be able to provide the proof and track record of their success with your existing customers. Only then should you demonstrate your new offerings since you may not yet have the proof of their success.

Invest much more of your energy marketing your new offerings to your existing customers and see great results unfold.

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