Ideas for Writing

Many writers I meet (self included) share with me that they often look for ideas for writing and especially when faced with writer’s block. Recently, I published this article: I think I’ll invent something new What are the best ways of developing new ideas? where I explored the best ways and places to generate creative and innovative ideas.

It also occurred to me that one of the best sources for generating new ideas is actually during my conversations with my clients and prospects as well as colleagues and trusted advisers. As probably happens to you in your conversations, it is quite common for such individuals to share with me their challenges and ask for my opinion and advice. So some time ago, I’ve decided to keep a note book and digital file of such questions which help generate ideas for my next blog post (such as this one), or my next article or product.

The key for me obviously to generating creative ideas for writing or for creating new products and services is to listen carefully. What do you think?

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