How to Become Successful

How does one become successful and what does it have to do with blogging and online surfing? Well, let me share this brief story with you. I’ve been monitoring a bit of the online chatter on some of the social networking sites for an article I am working on. Although I find the bulk majority of posts to be utterly ridiculous, boring and a complete waste of time, the one that caught my attention the other day was from an Internet marketing consultant who claims to be quite successful. In his post on Twitter, he was looking for someone he could share a cab ride with and save $5. Well, give me a break!

This demonstrates that not only should you concern yourself with what others may be writing or saying about you but you ought to carefully watch what you may be saying about yourself and your own organization. Language is everything and if you claim to be successful, I suggest you pickup the tab for others to ride with you or even perhaps suggest you use a limo rather than a cab.

And since we are on the topic of success and how to become successful, here is an article I wrote that you may find to be of help: Key Elements to Success. How to Work Smarter not Harder.

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  1. Great point! Not only is such behavior contrary to a successful personal and organizational image, it’s also quite a waste of time.

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