I was Wrong! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 496

Go Small

I used to think that going big – more clients, more projects, more employees, more partners, more of everything was the path to more success. I was wrong! I believe that is the recipe to diluting our brand and our value, becoming mediocre, or ordinary as well as becoming overwhelmed. What if instead we focus on attracting and working with better quality clients, the ones we love working with that also stimulate our mind? Therefore, we get rid of the ones we don’t enjoy working with, the ones who don’t act like partners, the ones that don’t pay on time.

The same applies to projects. What if we become extremely selective in the type of projects we accept? We only accept the ones that are the perfect fit for us. And finally, we become extremely choosy in the caliber of employees and partners we surround ourselves and work with. We choose to work only with the best.

I’d say this is how you reduce your labor intensity, get to focus on your gifts and reinvent yourself, spend more time with family, and achieve extraordinary results.

Randomize Your Reading

I used to think that reading or listening to books from beginning to end was the right way of doing it. I was wrong! I love reading books or I should say mostly listening to books. I use www.Audible.com to get my books each month, and I love listening to them while walking, driving or when sitting on my porch while enjoying the nature around me.

Although I do listen or read many of my books from beginning to end, I admit that I do like opening them at random pages or the pages that pique my interest when reviewing the table of contents. My best gained insights then go into my www.Evernote.com digital organizer for easy retrieval when needed. Random reading saves me time and enables me to gain insights quickly.

I encourage you to try (if you haven’t yet) reading or listening to your books on random pages. One key insight you gain each day, would translate to hundreds per year. Imagine, taking action on some of them.

Admit You Are Wrong

In my younger days (not that I am that old) I used to think I was right. I was wrong! There is something freeing and mind opening when I admit that I was wrong. It allows me to view things from a different perspective, further explore and examine the facts, accept other point of views, arrive at a different conclusion, change my mind and evolve.

So next time we talk, I urge you to look at the points of our discussion from a different angle and perhaps even admit that you are wrong. I already did admit that I was wrong!


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