Do You Want to Create an Online Course? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 497

Over the years, we have helped quite a few of our clients create their online courses. Yet, many others overcomplicate the process of creating such a course. My hope is that this article helps simplify this process.   

When contemplating the creation of your new course, think about it similarly to writing a book with the following steps:

  1. Craft your powerful and attention-grabbing title and subtitle. For example: “Million Dollar Web Presence – How to leverage the web to build your brand and transform your business.” This will be the name of your course and when possible, try to be succinct.
  2. Develop your main chapters where each represents a key logical component of your content. For example: “Changing the World One Community at a Time,” which will be devoted to the connect of creating your own community.
  3. Breakdown each main chapter into its subchapters so each represents the drilling down and revealing the details of that subchapter. For example, the subchapters to the main chapter I outlined above would be:
    1. “Virtual communities produce real profits”
    2. “Showing up”
    3. “The nebula effect”
    4. “Fences and beware of dog signs”

The key here is to provoke your audience and pique their interest.

  1. So, for example, if you end up having 10 main chapters where each has 5 subchapters, you will end up with 50 subchapters.
  2. Now go and record a video or an audio for each of the subchapters. If each video, let’s say, ends up being 5 minutes long, your new created course will end up being a little over 4 hours in length.
  3. Additional suggestions to include with each subchapter:
    1. Applicable stories.
    2. Client case studies and quotes.
    3. Transformation Visuals® to describe a variety of processes.
    4. A variety of images to complement and augment your content.
    5. A call to action for the audience at the end of each subchapter.  
  4. Once your content is created, use an online platform to host this content, promote it and market it effectively.

Would love to hear from you and your ideas for the new course you will be creating or working on.

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