How to Create The Impossible Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 325

When I first launched my software business, quite a few years ago, I was a solopreneur for the first few years performing the various tasks needed to run and build my company. Tasks such as: developing software, bookkeeping, marketing and customer services to name a few. As the demand for my services increased I quickly realized that I cannot do it alone. That is when I hired my first software developer and open my formal office.

As the business kept on growing, I surrounded myself with a team that was instrumental in the success of my business. Additional software developers, marketing and sales people, a book keeper and software trainers. Not only did they complement my abilities but, in many cases, they exceeded them and introduced initiatives and talents that I did not have.

Throughout the years and as I transformed and transitioned our company and business focus to the Internet, marketing, strategy and digital content development, I remembered the lessons learned early in my career: surround myself with trusted individuals, both team members, colleagues, clients, friends and advisors, who have the passion, desire, talent, ambition, and creativity to create and innovate great things for the purpose of profoundly improving and impacting others.

I follow the slogan that “The impossible only takes a few minutes longer.” What I’ve come to realize that surrounding myself with such individuals makes the impossible, possible!

We are often the reflection and the average of those in our closest circle. Surround yourself with the type of individuals I referenced above, and I bet you will create something you’ve never imagined possible alone!

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