How Special Do You Make Them Feel? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 436

When our most wonderful mutt, Noodles, passed away two years ago at age 17, I told Laurel, in no uncertain terms, that there would be NO more dogs for us! I didn’t want the daily responsibility and restrictions of being able to just go away for the day or week that came with owning a 4-legged pal.

That being said, my words went unheeded and now I’d like to introduce our new puppy, Juno, who arrived two weeks ago. She’s fluffy, adorable, follows us around at our heels, and loving in every way and I’ll admit I’m smitten.

Yesterday, was our first veterinarian visit with a new doctor that came highly recommended. Laurel, I and Juno arrived early and were greeted by the office staff. We told the doctor that we had switched, based on many recommendations, from our previous vet, who we adored, to this practice.

Oddly, he never introduced himself, welcomed us, asked us who the previous vet was, reacted in any way to Juno, and just went about his business, doing the necessary exam and explaining the vaccines and medications she would be receiving.

Upon returning home, Laurel and I admitted how strange it was as a new client to be treated like this. How would our new clients feel if we dismissed them and acted as if they were just another client, nothing special to us, and didn’t show how we appreciate them, their business and their decision to choose us to help their business succeed and grow? 

I remember years ago, when I asked one of my new clients for the reasons he chose us, he said: it was how special you made me feel.  

Of course, our main objective is to deliver our unique value to help our clients thrive. Yet, I highly suggest we do so enthusiastically while caring about each and every one of our clients, new and old, have them feel welcome and important, and never forget that without them, our business can’t succeed.

As I often say, it’s all in the approach. Even if Juno didn’t notice, Laurel and I did. And it reminded me that a smile, a kind word, genuine interest in others, makes a huge difference and makes them special.

If we don’t make our clients feel special, someone else will.

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