How Prepared Are You for Next Year?

Imagine embarking on a US road trip from east to west coast without a plan, a map or a GPS. Similarly, how would you reach dramatic greater success at the end of next year without having created your roadmap?

For the past several weeks and over the next few week, I am working with my clients to help them create their own roadmap. I am also glad to report that I have put myself through the same process that I am putting my clients through. The outcome and insights have been absolutely remarkable.

Here are some of the questions I have been exploring with my clients:

  1. Review this past year. Come up with a list of what has worked and what has not and why? What are your biggest accomplishments and your key learning?
  2. Identify your buyers and their geography (regional, domestic, international). What do they read, listen to, watch and attend? How can you best reach and attract them to you?
  3. What’s your value proposition? (How is your client better off by virtue of working with you?) What is the (remarkable) value you offer your clients?
  4. Next year, at this time, how would you paint a picture of that amazingly successful future? What does that future look like? You are also about to receive an award for your remarkable accomplishments. What would that award be for and what are these accomplishments?
  5. Review the marketing gravity visual and make a list of the items you need to implement next year that will push you to think bigger, provide outstanding value to your clients and reward you.
  6. What is necessary to (significantly) strengthen your thought leadership?
  7. What does your marketing blueprint / action plan look like? Break it down into weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly action plans that are bold yet realistic.
  8. How will you hold yourself accountable?

Here is to a healthy, successful, prosperous and rewarding year. A year of peace.

All the best,


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