Have you uncovered your treasure yet? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 331

I’ve been reviewing several of my journals and here are some of the insights that jumped at me:

  1. Reduce your labor intensity by eliminating insignificant tasks or those that don’t lead you to your goals, streamline and systematize your work, delegate work to others, and eliminate the junk in your life.
  2. To paint your future success, I suggest you identify what you want your life and business to look like and what exactly do you need to do to build the business to support this lifestyle.
  3. What are the strategic relationships you should create or pursue that would have the most profound impact on your future and those you impact?
  4. End each day with complete clarity as to what are your top three goals for the next day.
  5. Leaders lead. Therefore, end your conversations with: “here is what I want you to do” or if you rather lead softer, then say: “here is what I propose or suggest you do!”
  6. Pay attention to your surroundings, which will help you gain key insights, where your intellectual property will often come from and where opportunities are hidden and abundant.
  7. Try this exercise: Write down your key challenges and then your key opportunities. Now, identify as many as possible ways to address each. Now, pick one of each, get started and take action.
  8. Identify and gain clarity on your planned and anticipated key accomplishments for this week, this month, this quarter and this year.
  9. What is the biggest potential you and your clients are facing that have not been created or exploited yet, and what is holding you back?
  10. Are you thinking big enough? If yes, can it be bigger? If no, why not start now?

Treasure is hidden in our journals. Have you uncovered yours yet?

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