Have You Squeezed Them Lately? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 213

One of the most effective ways of staying in touch with your clients and grow your business is by emailing them your insights, engaging them in stimulating conversations and recommending various valuable offers. The key challenge is how to attract new followers to provide you with their email address so you may stay in touch with them and turn them into raving clients.

Squeeze pages (also known as a lead magnet pages) are landing pages on your site that are designed to accomplish this task. The purpose of such page is to allure (or “squeeze”) the visitor to enter and provide their email address in return for an irresistible offer. I realize that most guard their email address and are reluctant to provide it. Yet, the more powerful and irresistible the offer, the more likely the visitor is to want it and enter their email address in return.

What are some of the offers you may provide?

  • eBook
  • Online course
  • Position paper
  • Infographic
  • Assessment
  • Online content repository access
  • Webinar

Here are some examples of squeeze pages:

The key from my perspective is to provide genuine and helpful value that attracts the visitor to want it and to stay in touch with you.

Decide what’s your next offer and create a new squeeze page.

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