Do You Offer a Concierge Service? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 214

When was the last time you received the royal treatment? Moreover, don’t you love it when you are given the red-carpet experience? Of course you do. We all like to feel special and receive that special touch. No matter what your product and service offerings are, you can easily incorporate this concept in your business and delight your clients.

One of the ideas I have been recommending to our clients is to create a “Concierge” or a VIP service where they can offer their client this extra added bonus. One such example is to build an online repository of some of your best content and insights that is ONLY available to your clients.

This would then become a powerful value to your existing clients but also a dominant marketing leverage point that you may communicate with your prospective clients. You can share with them that much of your content is available on your web site for free. However, once they become a client, they would immediately gain access to a high-end level of powerful and provocative content to further help their growth and success.

I strongly believe that our clients deserve the best. Creating such service enables us to push the envelope, push us to create and place our best insights on such platform, to significantly impact the success of our clients.

Identify your powerful intellectual property and go create your new concierge service. Once created, market and leverage effectively.

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