Have You Lost Your Momentum? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 442

It happens to the best of us. We suddenly realize that we have lost our mojo. We are not as motivated as we used to be, perhaps life got in the way, or other events impacted our actions, and we find ourselves in a downward spiral.

What may be causing it:

  1. Too many distractions.
  2. You are slowing down and losing speed.
  3. Feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Health issues.
  5. Procrastination and excuses.
  6. Over scheduling of priorities.

How to get back on track?

  1. Get in better physical and mental shape.
  2. Identify and pursue the things that you are passionate about.
  3. Sleep better and wake up refreshed and raring to go.
  4. Surround yourself with trusted individuals who will push and encourage you and help hold you accountable.
  5. Have a plan and take decisive action towards it.
  6. Take breaks throughout the day, schedule relaxing and thinking downtime, and get needed rest.
  7. Evaluate your habits and adjust as needed.
  8. Ignore your need for perfectionism.
  9. Simplify your life to calm the chaos.
  10. Reward yourself.

It’s all about taking one minute, hour or day at a time. Since objects in motions tend to stay in motion, movement is the cure to momentum inertia. Get moving and leave inertia behind.  

If you find yourself losing your momentum, don’t be harsh on yourself. Take one step forward, assess and repeat until your engine revs and you’re ready to zoom forward.

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