Growing Your List Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 171

This week’s reflection point: One of the biggest potential impacts on your business growth is the continued expansion and leverage of your list. The list is the file containing the information about your clients, prospective clients, colleagues, partners and anyone interested in your company.

Here are some insights and examples of various ways to grow your list:

  1. Publishing: Create content and offerings in a variety of formats and invite your audience to subscribe and participate. An example would be a free eBook they would receive.
  2. Speaking: Deliver powerful value during your presentations, inspire your audience to implement and take action and invite them to join you online. An example would be 30 days access to your private group.
  3. Collaborations: Approach others and create content and offerings and market to your audience and theirs. An example would be a position paper you write with your colleague.
  4. Join Ventures: This is similar to collaborations but is more of a partnership you create with others for the purpose of marketing a product or a service. An example would be a workshop you deliver with another partner.
  5. Viral WOM: Develop content and offerings that are worthy of being shared by others and generate a word-of-mouth effect. This will create an exponential exposure of your content and growth of your list. An example would be a powerful article you wrote that was published elsewhere and picked up and shared by many.
  6. Surveys: Establish dynamic surveys that allow the visitors to assess themselves while encouraging them to register for more insights.
  7. Communities: Participate in various communities and consider creating one surrounding your brand. An example would be you sharing an eBook to attract others to you.
  8. Ads: Investing in ads would drive better-qualified traffic to your targeted pages. An example would be a Facebook or Google ad targeted to a page on your site that provides access to your insightful videos.
  9. Contests: Create a variety of contests to attract others to participate. An example would be the creation of a 30 days revenue generation challenge and inviting others to share their insights.
  10. Media Exposure: Leverage TV, radio and Internet interviews to share your insights and expand your exposure and reach.
  11. Opt-in Pages: These represent the secret sauce of growing your list. They create the mechanism to grab visitors and their information in return for powerful value.
  12. Social Networking: Participate in various networks that attract your target audience, provide valuable insights and participate in discussions.
  13. Apps & Portals: Create your own app or online portal that benefits and attracts others.
  14. Lists: Expose yourself to others’ lists. An example would be having others drive traffic to your targeted or opt-in pages.
  15. Signature: Review your email signature and make sure it incorporates links to credibility building and value driving pages.

This week’s tip: Pick out one action item to help you expand your list. When you are done with that one choose another.

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