Free or Fee? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 79



This week’s reflection point: So you’ve just created a valuable eBook that you are about to offer to your clients. Should you charge for it or provide it for free?

The answer is quite simple. If the key objective is to leverage the eBook for marketing purpose, then I recommend you offer it for free. On the other hand, if the objective is to leverage the eBook to increase your sales, then you should charge for it.

When offering your eBook for free, I suggest you make it mandatory for the recipient to enter their name and email address in return for providing them with your valuable eBook. This way you may stay in touch with them, provide them with additional value and further attract them to become a client.

These two objectives are different yet uniquely important, powerful and effective.

This week’s tip: Plan on creating and rolling out a series of eBooks that meet both objectives.

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