Debunking Web Presence Myths Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 229

In my work with clients, research and my observation, I’ve noticed a lot of bad advice and rhetoric leading to misinformation and the creation of cyber myths. Let me shatter them once and for all:

  1. Myth: The web is a safe place.
    Debunk: Cyber attacks have been on the increase and with it a growing community of evil doers out to cheat you out of your wealth or steal your identity. Partner with a trusted expert, who provides you with accurate and timely advice, become knowledgeable and improve your common sense.
  2. Myth: The web is a scary and unsafe place.
    Debunk: Although as noted above there are a lot of things to be concerned about when using the web, learning to do it safely creates an amazing, rewarding and secured experience for growth, enjoyment, learning, and maximizing life and business.
  3. Myth: If you build it they will come.
    Debunk: Just creating your web presence and hoping they show up would most likely end in great disappointment for you. The key is effective selection of the right marketing initiatives.
  4. Myth: Internet marketers are charlatans promoting only advice about marketing on the internet.
    Debunk: Actually, I have met many of them and have discovered amazing genuine experts with great hearts that have helped others create remarkable successes and are committed to providing value and impacting the world. Don’t fall prey to this myth and learn to become a great internet marketer yourself or partner with one.
  5. Myth: The creation of effective and powerful content is quite hard.
    Debunk: I’ve written on this topic for years and to help you eradicate this myth I suggest, as I wrote in my article last week, ask your clients for their top challenges and go create amazing content around these topics.
  6. Myth: Your site is not a sales tool but a credibility tool.
    Debunk: Unless you create much credibility there won’t be any sales. Your web presence is not only your 24×7 virtual representation but the platform to create conversations, social proof, and irresistible attraction to actually become your ultimate sales tool.
  7. Myth: Devoting time and improving your web presence is a waste of time.
    Debunk: Let’s be honest, we all know that improving your web presence creates success, increases credibility and reputation and boosts your income.
  8. Myth: Only a very few become known and successful thought leaders.
    Debunk: Columbus’ discovery of America started with his commitment to begin while progressing one nautical mile at a time and adjusting to unexpected challenges. Thought leadership is achieved one article, book, podcast and video at a time. Why not get started or raise the bar today?

What are some of the myths you or your clients may be holding on to? Share with us and let’s bust them all.

In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity, said Einstein. I would claim that myths or false beliefs are simply opportunities to recalibrate, challenge ourselves, and others, and grow.

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