A Treasure Chest of Insights Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 228

After coaching one of my clients on the creation of powerful content this morning she concluded by saying that she needs to think about what content to create next. I asked her to share with me some of the items on her calendar for this week. “Extremely busy few days” she said. I asked her, of each appointment on her calendar that week, what is their most critical challenge. Without skipping a beat, she quickly shared a list of their challenges until I had to stop her. A big smile appeared on her face as she realized the answer was always at her fingertips. Each challenge was the basis for creating her next piece of content!

Here are seven questions and my recommendations from the dozens I received this week from my clients:

  1. Where do I get ideas for my next piece of content? Although this article provides you with such ideas, Where Do Ideas Come From? is an infographic I created exactly for this reason.
  2. How do I greatly improve the proposal I am submitting to a prospective client? The weakest part I often find in most proposals is the inability to powerfully articulate the value section and the potential transformation for the client.
  3. What is the structure of effective web copy?
    • A few opening paragraphs, bullet points and concluding paragraphs.
    • Incorporate bullet points where possible.
    • Convert some of the bullet points into diagnostic visuals.
    • Add several hypertext links on each page leading to other interesting resources (articles, podcasts, videos, whitepapers)
    • A strong call to action on each page
    • Additional resources such as downloadable whitepapers on key pages
  4. How do I know it’s time to abandon my old business model and service offerings and launch the new one? Ask yourself whether you would be passionate and enthusiastic doing what you are currently doing for the rest of your life. If the answer is no, it’s time to change. Then ask yourself the same question about your new business model.
  5. How do I make sure my new offerings will be powerful, effective and in demand? Ask for feedback from clients, prospective clients and trusted colleagues and advisors.
  6. What are the best ideas to promote my site? How to Promote Your Web Site is an article I created several years ago to which I continue adding insights.
  7. What to do when a prospect evaluates my competitors? Focus on the remarkable and transformational value you provide.

What are some of the questions you were asked this week? Would love to hear from you or better yet, create a piece of content around it and then share with your audience and of course, me.

The questions that come up in your ongoing communication can easily become your treasure chest of insights to help transform your business and that of your clients.

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