Contrarian Provocative Thinking

Rather than stating the obvious and sounding like most others, why not reverse ordinary logic to think differently while provoking your clients to push the envelope. So for example:

  • Thinking strategically rather than tactically.
  • Rather than focus on social media, start thinking about building your own communities.
  • Rather than thinking of writing articles, I suggest you expand your body of work through publishing, while getting quoted and noticed.
  • Stop thinking about creating your web site and instead focus on creating the ultimate repository of remarkable content or intellectual property.
  • It’s not just about your web presence but your web dominance.

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0 thoughts on “Contrarian Provocative Thinking

  1. Chad, Your idea to think in terms of social communities, not social media, is certainly turning thinking around. And the concept of a website as a REPOSITORY of intellectual property certainly is preferable to websites that are only digital brochures. Thank you for reversing ordinary logic!

  2. Well written. Thought provoking, indeed.

    Do you mind expanding on points 2-4? I understand, I’m simply curious to dig a little deeper and possibly get some examples?

    And by published, you’re implying writing a book within your field of interest or field of expertise?



  3. Corry,

    Thanks for visiting and your comments.

    My answers to your questions:

    * There is way too much noise on the various social media platforms and therefore most messages are missed or lost. The most successful have created communities (virtual and physical) to attract their customers and prospects and also enable conversations and communications among them. The best I have seen is actually the one we have created for Alan Weiss

    * Too many I meet focus first on the design of their web site rather than identifying first their strategy (what their business should look like, who are their ideal customers, where are they located, and what is the remarkable value they deliver to their customers). Then they should focus on identifying and creating their provocative and remarkable content (intellectual property) and the tactics to attract, engage and converse with their customers. The web site then becomes ONE of the platforms or vehicles to deliver and engage the customers and not the ONLY platform.

    Does that help?



  4. And also, by publishing I mean – developing and distributing content such as articles, position papers, booklets, eBooks, books, podcasts, videos and such. It simply mean to position your thoughts in a variety of media formats which is one of the key attributes of thought leaders.

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