Are You Transforming Your Input Into Output?

I am here in New York at Alan Weiss’s Society for the Advancement of Consulting meeting.

While attending meetings, workshops or events where new ideas and intellectual property are being shared, I see most (self included) take copious notes. One concept that has been effective for me for years is listen carefully and letting the ideas I am hearing springboard new ideas and concepts for me to implement, explore, innovate and execute.

During our meeting today I have picked up a profound new idea that I want to share with you. Let the ideas you hear stimulate your thinking to immediately and in the moment innovate and come up with new models and processes. This is different from simply taking notes, or letting idea A, B and C trigger idea D. What I am referring to is letting idea A, B and C immediately trigger a complete new process or blueprint that can be used by you and your clients.

Question for you: What do you do to make sure the events you are attending are yielding the highest, quickest and most powerful results? Leave your comment here

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