Changing Your Small Talk to Big talk

A common question I am often asked by clients in my mentor program is how to start a conversation with a prospective client or what do I say after I say hello? Although there are probably questions that are better suited for different personality types, I find the following quite provocative in any situation and the kind of questions that stimulate great discussions. These are also the questions I often ask before reviewing the effectiveness of one’s web and Internet strategy:

  • What is your key business focus and the value you deliver to your clients?
  • How would you describe your target audience(s) and the profile(s) of your perfect client?
  • What are your key product and service offerings?
  • What great results have you seen from your web site and its strategy?
  • What are some of the key issues / challenges you are facing?
  • What would you want to be known for?
  • if we were to work together, how would you describe the possible outcome from your site and its strategy that would absolutely delight you?

These questions are provocative and would typically start great conversations. I have to also admit that I am surprised at times how many entrepreneurs struggle answering such questions. So next time you meet a prospective client, ask them such questions but make sure you come across genuine and friendly and not interrogating. And also, how quickly can you reply to such questions when asked and what would be your answers?

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