Changing the World One Community at a Time Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 393

We recently launched a brand new online forum called Global Business Advisors Forums, for my dear client, colleague and friend, Phil Symchych, who is also known as The SME Business Wealth Builder®.

One of the strongest ways of building and strengthening your brand is by creating a community around you. The purpose of such community is to attract like-minded people with mutual interests, who can help expand each other’s knowledge while serving and providing help in a variety of areas of interest.

Why create and nurture a community:

  1. Expand your marketing initiatives and market your online community
  2. Gain consistent feedback from others
  3. Share your knowledge and become a sought-after leader
  4. Increase your list of clients and prospective clients
  5. Strengthen your brand global reach and loyalty
  6. Become the go-to place and the go-to expert in your areas of expertise
  7. Create a place that becomes the testing ground for new ideas and experimentations
  8. Receive ideas from community members for the creation of future products and services
  9. Showcase your content, new products and services and receive immediate feedback
  10. Promote your events
  11. Listen to what others are saying
  12. Build a thriving place that communicates with or without you 24×7
  13. Evolve your platforms, content and success

If you are a business leader, owner, or an advisor, looking to interact, share ideas, celebrate successes, and build a global community of growth-oriented entrepreneurs, I encourage to join The Global Business Advisors Forums and even consider creating a community of your own. Let’s discuss.

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