Bringing Your Business Into Focus Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 189

I had the privilege of attending my first political rally today on the west side of Cleveland. Cleveland is still exploding with the excitement of the Cavaliers’ championship win, as the host city for the Republican convention and today, the whirlwind stop of the Clinton campaign to deliver a message to Northeast Ohioans.

I packed my backpack full of my newest and most highly powered camera lenses to get a variety of shots and come as close to the action as possible. After a 3-hour wait, Hillary walked into the packed high school gymnasium to the cheers and blaring music that enveloped this crowd of supporters. I was standing about 12 feet back from the cordoned off staging area so I was able to catch the moment up close. And I did. She spoke on her popular Ohio topics as expected, and I continued to capture the overall spirit and the speech from different angles, including shots of the cheering crowd.

When it was over and the gymnasium emptied out, I moved way back up to the top of the bleachers to see her greeting the few lucky folks. While zooming into the crowd I found my wife pushing her way to the front and smiling while she struck a pose with Hillary herself in a selfie.

As business professionals, we often use a close-up lens to view the details and analyze the tactical aspects of our business. It is as critical that we also zoom out, step back, and see the bigger picture holistically to identify our strategy and the future we help create.

Often shifting your focus and zooming in an out will help you identify and paint your success. This week, why not look at your business through a different lens. The view may be surprisingly breathtaking.

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