In just the past 12 weeks, I was fortunate and blessed to:

  1. Visit with my kids and grandkids in Orlando.
  2. Attend the Society for the Advancement of Consulting  meeting and the Common Sense Consulting workshop in New York and got to see The Best Man fabulous play on broadway with great friends.
  3. Attend our annual Million Dollar Club meeting with my wife, Alan Weiss and the outstanding and stimulating group. This one was held in Monaco, and then,
  4. My wife and I continued our amazing week in the south of france, followed by another great week in Paris.
  5. We then spent a long weekend in New York and got to see the Broadway play War Horse (highly recommended).
  6. I then attended the Thought Leadership Symposium in Naples Florida which was absolutely remarkable.
  7. My wife and I were just in  Las Vegas where I surprised her with tickets to see Barbara Streisand’s concert, Cirque du Soleil – Love, and Jersey Boys on Sunday.
  8. I just returned from a week in San Francisco attending developmental experiences and meeting with clients.
  9. Enjoy family, friends and life.
  10. Expand my learning, knowledge, appreciation of the world around me. Interact with great minds, meet new interesting people and engage in fascinating conversations.
  11. Gain new experiences.
  12. Work with outstanding existing and new clients.
  13. Create new content and start developing new offerings.
  14. Conduct business almost as usual and secure new business.
  15. Have my team implement many exciting projects.
  16. Expand my team with brilliant new minds.
  17. And of course, my new Maserati!
  18. And much more.

Why am I telling you this?

  1. I did not imagine this 5 or 10 years ago.
  2. Are there areas in my life and business that need improvement? Of course and I am committed to go there.
  3. The lines of demarcation between work and pure enjoyment for me are very foggy. Although I see it mostly as a blessing, it is also a curse.
  4. Life is short. Seize the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

© Chad Barr 2012. All rights reserved

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