Reporting From The Million Dollar Club Meeting – Monaco Day1

I am here in Monaco at our annual million dollar club meeting. This amazing annual event attracts some of the most successful global minds, who are brought together by Dr. Alan Weiss. We start each day with outstanding and stimulating discussions where we get to examine our businesses and our lives. We then invest our time in life balance activities.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our first meeting day:

  • Is your business focus on your methodology or on creating successful client results?
  • The key to increasing fees and lowering labor intensity is your brand power.
  • We often act as we can’t turn down business.
  • If you had 20 extra hours per week, not allocated to work, what would you do? The answers to this question would outline what you are denying yourself of.
  • Paying off debt is as important as raising money and as important as reducing labor intensity.
  • When you reach a level of success, get used to it and act it!
  • High tech today is one of the keys to creating high touch.
  • Explore ways to combine your efforts to reduce your labor intensity.
  • Validation is a critical aspect of consulting and mentoring clients.
  • Buyers are afraid of you rejecting them as well.
  • Ask your prospects: “How could you create your desired success without investing in yourself?”
  • How to raise an additional $200,000 in 21 days.

And here are some pictures of the local scenery:

The morning view outside my window


The gorgeous skies


This defibrillator is situated right outside the casino and the stairs to the garden. How convenient is this?

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