Before and After Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 369

As many of you know, I have been working diligently this past several years on improving my photography skills and knowledge. Before the many workshops and research, I’ve participated in, I thought that preparing the camera aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings was all that it took to produce the perfect shot.

Now, after years of learning and practice, I’ve concluded that developing the eye to capture the perfect shot, editing and post-processing the image is what brings it to life and creates an artful masterpiece.

As I embark on new projects, I first start by reviewing its strategy then outlining the actionable tactics we must take before we get started. I then identify the desired outcome and transformational value I want to achieve after we implement and execute the project.  

In other words, I see the “before as our present state, where we are today and the “after as our future state, where we must go.

Just as in photography, poorly capturing an image before applying the creative art to it, is as jumping into a new project before clearly reviewing its strategy and tactics.

Consequently, taking the right action, while making ongoing course correction, will dramatically increase the likelihood of achieving our goals after we complete the project. 

Finally, comparing the before to the after states, will allow you to precisely measure your success.

Start by reviewing your next project and make sure you have gained complete clarity as to what the before looks like. This will assure you can navigate your way to reach your destination after you have completed your project.

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