Attracting Consumer and Corporate Buyers Through Your Web Presence

Does your web presence represent a major buying potential for consumer and corporate buyers and impact your revenues? Absolutely. Just look at the many global successful thought leaders and the ways they effectively leverage their web presence to grow their business.

I have suggested for several years that most corporations are loaded with consumers inside the organization. Many can easily target these consumers through their web offerings.

I could easily suggest that everything we do impacts and affects our credibility and therefore our business. Whether it is the outfit we wear, the car we drive, the language we use, the relationship we build, the testimonials and referrals we solicit, the book we write, the web site we launch, the content we create, the SEO (search engine optimization) we embed, the speech we deliver, the social media channels we participate in, the wisdom we communicate, and the smile and confidence we present. They ALL impact our credibility and success. Many I meet struggle with how to leverage their books, referrals and networking events for increased success. Just because some have not yet figured out how to properly leverage their web presence, should not suggest that it does not work.

How many corporate and consumer buyers have been turned off because of your web presence? Your web presence is one of the key manifestations of your intellectual property (IP). Show me your web presence and I will quickly tell you what your IP looks like.

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