16 Best Practices for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 398

I was recently asked what are the best strategies and best practices for consistently creating valuable content for my weekly newsletter and email marketing. 

Here is what has worked for me:

  1. A genuine commitment to myself to be consistent and never miss an issue.
  2. It’s the realization that it is one of my key vehicles to stay in touch with my newsletter subscribers. 
  3. I published my newsletters on Wednesdays and I usually write it the day or two prior to sending it out. 
  4. I maintain a database of future topics to write about. I populate this database each time I think of an idea I should write about. It is up to several hundred topics long by now. I rely on it when I am out of current topics to write about, which rarely happens. 
  5. My favorite way to write each week is to quickly reflect on what has been happening in my life and business. What were some of the hot topics, challenges and questions that may have come up during my conversations with my clients. I also like to reflect on some of the other applicable topics that I read about on the net or in my favorite publications.
  6. I do not keep a content calendar. 
  7. I enjoy brainstorming various topics with my wife since she is great at it as she also often edits my content. 
  8. I write about topics that I am passionate about. These topics may be related to business, marketing, digital empire creation®, web presence, and various life issue topics that are dear to my heart. They key for me is to enjoy my writing and make an impact.
  9. As far as the actual writing, I just do it. At times, once I determine the topic, I write from the top down. Other times, I start by writing the bullet points and then add the beginning and ending and the topic of course. I even managed to write some of my newsletters from the bottom up.
  10. It usually takes me about 20 minutes or so to write my weekly newsletters. They are usually between 200 and 400 words. 
  11. I like adding my photography when it makes sense to do so. Otherwise, I select the image that best reflect the content. 
  12. One of the objectives is to increase my subscribers list and one of the method I use to do so is by creating opt-in landing pages.
  13. Writing my weekly newsletter is one of the key ways that I expand my digital empire and intellectual property. This actual issue you are reading is #398 since its inception back in 2013.
  14. There is a unique evolution to these newsletters as they lead to the creation of some of my books, my speaking presentations, and my eBook downloads.
  15. These newsletters are sent out via email every Wednesday, they get archived on my site and blog, they are posted to the various social media platforms and repurposed as podcasts or videos at times.
  16. Receiving feedback from my subscribers is always a great motivator to keep doing what I am doing and especially when they become a client and acknowledge the fact that they have been reading my newsletters for a while.

If you are not yet engaged in providing your value by sending out newsletters, I encourage you to start doing so right away. If you are already sending out your newsletter then kudos! And, can you provide additional and new value by Raising the Barr®?

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