12 Questions to Pivot Your Business Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 404

I find questions to be a critical tool to evaluate where I am and where I should go. Yet, I have also learned that asking the wrong question will surely lead me in the wrong direction and outcome.

Here are 12 tough questions that help me, and my clients stay the course and increase success: 

  1. What scares you or even paralyzes you from taking massive action towards your goals?
  2. What makes you feel alive that creates happiness and enthusiasm to impact your clients?
  3. What unbreakable daily guidelines have you set for yourself to make sure you achieve your life’s dreams?
  4. What are your clients’ false beliefs and the stories they may be telling themselves that prevents them from taking action?
  5. Are you content with the life you are living and leading or are you sabotaging your potential because you are too comfortable in your comfort zone?
  6. Let’s say your annual revenues are $400,000 and your goal was $700,000. Do you realize that you actually have lost $300,000 because of not knowing how to get there or not having the right infrastructure, systems and guidance to reach that goal?
  7. Do you let failures bring you down or use them as a data points to analyze, calibrate and try a different route to move forward?
  8. Do you have a complete clarity at what your clients want, desire and need that they know and also do not know and how to fulfill these?
  9. Where must you be a year from now and do you have the plan and clarity to get there?
  10. How can you change your business model from a one-to-one model to a one-to-many model?
  11. Do you know what is the ONE thing you must focus on completing right now so everything else (like the domino effect) is aligned to successfully move forward?
  12. Have you created an inventory of stories you share with your clients to educate, prove a point, entertain, build trust and persuade them?

Review the above questions and let me know how they may have helped you raise the bar. I am also curious as to what are some of the questions you ask yourself and your clients to pivot your business and transform your success.

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