12 Growth Insights That Will Transform Your Success Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 403

Here are some of my weekly insights that I hope are of great value to you:

  1. Identify your next innovation and take massive action towards its achievement.
  2. When people attend your sessions, it demonstrates their desire to level up their game and how they can impact others. It may also express their lack of happiness with their current success.  
  3. Devote and focus your energy on the things you are most passionate about that produce the highest levels of energy and outcomes.
  4. Interview successful individuals and share their wisdom with your clients.
  5. Keep developing frameworks and models that produce results, expand and deliver them into various products, offerings and developmental experiences.
  6. Some of the utmost rewards you should recognize receiving from your business are the outcomes your clients achieve and the impact you create.
  7. The key to the growth of your business is to increasingly recognize how your clients paint and define success, then help them achieve it, while retaining existing clients and acquiring new ones.
  8. Continually identify the challenges your clients have been and will be facing and keep creating the products and services to solve them.
  9. Assuming you are the best person to create the next project, rather than spending all your time learning all you have to know to craft it, you may find it significantly more effective to take the first step and learn just what you need in order to accomplish the next step and then the step following that one. Progress will be made quicker while taking action.
  10. Significantly increase your productivity and effectiveness, by focusing on the tasks you should be doing rather than the ones you shouldn’t.
  11. Rather than spending your time on how to concur your next challenge, identify the person who can help you get there faster and simpler.
  12. Surround yourself and expand your network of trusted individuals where both of you are committed to each other’s growth and success.

Which of these 12 insights is the one the strikes you as the one most valuable? I would love to hear from you and better yet, I would love you taking action towards its achievement.

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