11 Steps to Bring Your Hobby Into Focus Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 234

For as long as I can remember, I always had a hobby or two that kept me curious, excited, enthusiastic and fulfilled. I remember the fish breeding aquariums in my parents’ home, building amplifiers and various sound systems for playing my electric guitar in my various bands, and I even remember a period of experimenting with macramĂ© hanging plant holders. But let’s keep the latter a secret.

For me, the biggest reward is the realization that some of my hobbies are, or have been, my profession as well. I was (and probably still am) a professional musician and music is one of my favorite hobbies. Computers, technology and the web are my profession and are also some of my other favorite hobbies. That’s probably where the lines of demarcation between work and pleasure become foggy.

For the past few years I’ve taken up and learned a new, thrilling hobby and past time; photography! I’ve been devoting time, money and energy to studying it, investing in its gear, experimenting and honing my skills. It has been great fun doing it, at times frustrating, but overall extremely rewarding seeing the progress and results.

Yet, the unanticipated value is what blew me away. Below are 11 reasons why my photography hobby has changed my life and why I recommend you start a new hobby or nurture an existing one:

  1. Creating new connections and friendships with fascinating people
  2. Discovering a world, I never knew existed
  3. Meeting new talented professionals — “artists”
  4. Refining my creative outlook and appreciation of beauty
  5. Challenging myself and my team to consistently Raise the Barr®
  6. Stimulating new ideas and innovations for the creation of new service and product offerings
  7. Creating new adventures
  8. Uncovering new interests and passions
  9. Appreciating the special moments of life
  10. Strengthening relationships and their meanings with loved ones
  11. Discovering spiritual connections

Friends, family, clients and colleagues have encouraged me to make my photos available and start sharing them with the world. I took this to heart, setup the platform to organize and post these for easy access, and turned this into my weekend project.

I am pleased to share with you the first step in the creation of my photo galleries and the images I have captured through my lenses that were inspired by life.



Identify your existing hobby or select a new one. Embrace it and see your world transformed.

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