10 More Reasons to Repurpose Your Content Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 427

I was getting ready to write my next newsletter on the topic of why it is important for us to repurpose our content. I decided to first do a quick search on my own blog as I discovered the article 10 Reasons to Repurpose Your Content (which I just repurposed 😂) written last year. So, in the spirit of challenging myself to improve on what I previously wrote and stay true to the concept of repurposing content, here are my next 10 reason to do so:

  1. Discover your earlier viewpoints and perspectives so you may challenge and improve them when possible.
  2. Appreciate what may have been important in the past and remind yourself of key milestones.
  3. Recalibrate your thinking to determine if you are where you thought you should be.
  4. Uncover new paths, branch out and reinvent yourself.
  5. Unearth old commitments that may have been missed and are in need of being assigned a high priority of execution.
  6. Find applicable and helpful content you should forward and email directly to clients struggling with that particular challenge.
  7. Identify content you may be able to send to journalists and other bloggers for future publication.
  8. Your older content is a goldmine for uncovering your own quotes or memes that you can then publish, as new, in various formats and on multiple other platforms. This 120 Lessons Learned from Running My Business download eBook is a great example of repurposing my older newsletters content in a different format and on a different platform.
  9. Since the content we previously created also represents our accomplishments, we can use it to improve and even 10X our future.
  10. Use it to catapult your growth in publishing and further grow your Digital Empire Creation®.

We study history to better understand the world around us so we may predict and be better prepared for the future. Let your old content guide you to create superior content and a better future.

Repurposing my content is one of the methods I use to Raise The Barr® on my content creation. I challenge you to do the same.

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