With Passion and Enthusiasm Please! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 294

Photo by: Chad Barr

Have you ever sat through a dreadful live presentation feverishly looking for the exit sign? Or have you ever watched or listened to a mind-numbing video or podcast on the web and abandoning it quickly?

I review a lot of content on the web and must admit that much of it is not only boring or blah but the content itself is mundane or lacks in value and the delivery is flat with no energy and excitement.

When helping my clients to create content in my studio or through Skype, I often remind them of the need to deliver their message with gusto as I always say: “with passion and enthusiasm please!”

So, before you create your next podcast or video, here are the top three things I urge you to consider and implement:

  1. Deliver a message of power and stimulation that would prompt them say: “Wow! I never thought of it this way!”
  2. Brevity rules and is always preferred. Why ramble if you can deliver your message in a fraction of a time and length? Your busy audience is going to appreciate it and you can then take the afternoon off or create your next episode.
  3. With passion and enthusiasm please! Deliver your message with energy and excitement that demonstrates how much you are enjoying it as well. This would keep them engaged, at the edge of their seat and wanting more.

Before creating your next masterpiece think of how you can deliver it with passion and enthusiasm.

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