With Gratitude Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 255

Photo by: Chad Barr

I want to thank YOU, my:

  • Parents, for bringing me to this world, for raising me and giving me your unconditional love and encouragements to overcome adversities.
  • Wife, for your love, friendship, support, humor, wit, talent, inspiration and for being an amazing mother, Bubbe, wife and friend.
  • Daughter, Son and Son-in-Law, for teaching me patience and the many things I never knew, your love and devotion.
  • Grandkids, for being the most precious gift life could offer and for making me realize that our future is bright and in better hands.
  • Family, for the special growing moments together.
  • Teachers, for providing me the tools of how to learn and the enthusiasm to pursue my interests.
  • Brilliant minds throughout history, for your courage, intelligence and inspiration to make this a better world, to give me the opportunity to share in its continuing challenges for growth and improvement.
  • Advisers, for pushing me to reach the next level.
  • Spiritual Leaders, for helping me better understand the mysteries of life.
  • Clients, for your patronage and trust and for teaching me and helping me to learn more than I thought possible.
  • Team, for helping me create amazing innovations to the betterment of our clients and to constantly Raise the Barr®.
  • Friends, for your caring and sharing of special moments, for helping shape me into the person I’ve become and empowering me to live an extraordinary, fulfilling life.
  • Military Service, for teaching me the importance of hard work; physically and ethically and the eternal quest for peace.
  • Homeland, Israel and USA, for allowing me to live the life of my dreams.

Wishing you a Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving


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