Why Should You Improve Your Speaking Skills?

I find speaking critical from several perspectives. Here are some of the reasons I encourage others to speak often:

  1. It is an effective vehicle that enables me to deliver my evolving intellectual property.
  2. It sharpens my language, delivery and speaking skills.
  3. It allows me to try and test new ideas and material.
  4. It enables me to interact with my audience and receive immediate feedback as well as gauge what’s on their minds and what are their concerns, which allows me then to respond and also develop new intellectual property.
  5. It “forces” me to innovate and reinvent new ideas, services and products.
  6. It positions me as a credible expert, an object of interest and a thought leader.
  7. It provides a powerful way to connect with qualified prospective clients and existing clients.

I find speaking to be essential in gaining new clients, growing my business as well as being able to stay in touch and increase the number of prospects who want to stay in touch by registering to our monthly newsletter.

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